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Arabic Calligraphy Necklace!

22k gold plated calligraphy pendant style mala studded with emeralds along a with 22 inch long multi..


Yellowish Pearls Pendant Mala!

22K Gold Plated  Oval Style Real Stones Pendant Mala Studded with Yellow,Pearls and zircon ston..


Wire Emerald Choker!

22K Gold Plated Emerald Choker Design Studded with Emerald and Zircon Stones...


Wings Pearl Mala!

22K Gold Plated Design for Pendant Mala in Wings style studded with Zircon,Emerald and Pearl Stones...


Versatile Beauty Mala!

22K Gold Plated Versatile Design for Pendant Mala studded with Multi colors Stones...


Vacation Wearing Pendant!

22K Gold Plated Vacation Pendant Mala Design along with 22 inches long matching string studded with ..


Two Layers Pink Wear!

22 inches long strings for two layers Necklace Mala studded with Pearls,Pink and Feroza Beads...


Turtle Zircons Pendant!

22K Gold Plated Turtle Pendant Leaf Mala Design studded with Emerald,Ruby and Zircons Stones...


Topaz Pearls Square choker!

22K Gold Plated Beautiful Topaz Choker Set Studded with Champagne, Pearls and Polki Stones...


Topaz Kundan Mala!

22K Gold Plated Three Layers Squares Champagne Neck wear studded with Champagne and Zircons Stones...


Topaz Kundan Haar!

22K Gold Plated Topaz Zircons Kundan Haar Mala Studded withChampagne and Zircon Stones...


Topaz Filigree Pearls Choker!

22K Gold Plated Filigree work Topaz Pearls Choker Patti Studded with Champagne, Pearls and Zircon St..


Topaz Calligraphic Pendant!

22K Gold Plated Kalma Calligraphy Pendant Mala studded with Champagne,Pearls,Sapphire and Zircons S..


Stars Sapphire Zircons Mala

22k Gold Plated stars sapphire Mala Design Studded with Zircons and sapphire stones...


Square Multi Pendant Mala!

22K Gold Plated Multi Stones Squared Pendant Mala studded with Sapphire,Amethyst,Emerald and Zircon..


Sea Green Pendant

22K Gold Plated Design for Pendant Mala along with 20 inches long Golden Chain studded with Sea Gre..


Sapphire Zircon Cuts Mala!

22K Gold Plated Zircon Cuts Mala Design studded with Sapphire and Champagne beads. ..


Sapphire Silver Pendant Gift!

18K Silver plated Round sapphire Pendant Mala Gift studded with sapphire and zircons stones...


Sapphire Ruby Mala!

22K Gold Plated Emerald Filigree Brooch Mala studded with Ruby,Sapphire and Emerald Stones...


Sapphire Calligraphic Pendant!

22K Gold plated Semi Precious Calligraphic Pendant Studded with Sapphire and Zircon stones along wit..

Rs.7,800 Rs.5,000

Samoog Bismillah Pendant Mala!

22K Gold Plated Calligraphy Zircons Pendant Mala Studded with Ruby, Champagne and Zircon Stones alon..


Ruby-Emerald Kundan Choker!

22k gold plated kundan choker studded with ruby and emerald stones. ..