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Pearl Round Nath!

22K Gold plated kundan nath studded with Pearls Stones. ..

PKR 1,200

Pearl Kundan tikka!

22K gold plated tikka with dangling pearls and emerald stones and pearl bindings. ..

PKR 1,800

Peals Chain Wear!

22K Gold Plated Filigree work Jhoomer Design studded with Ruby and Peal Beads.  ..

PKR 6,500

Nouraitan Kundan Jhoomer!

22K Gold Plated Kundan Work handmade Jhoomer Design studded with Multi stones and hanging the Pearls..

PKR 4,800

Noraitan Kundan Jhoomer

22K Gold Plated Kundan Work Multi Design for Head wear Piece studded with Pearls,Ruby ,Coral and Ku..

PKR 5,500

Multi-Color Kundan Maatha Patti!

22k gold plated kundan maatha patti studded with multi color stone. ..

PKR 8,000

Multi-Color Kundan Jhoomer!

22k gold plated kundan jhoomer studded with multi color stones. ..

PKR 4,500

Multi Stars Jhoomer

22K Gold Plated Filigree work Design for Multi color stars Jhoomer Design studded with Sapphire,Rub..

PKR 5,500

Multi Meena Jhumer!

22K Gold Plated Meena Work Jhumer Studded with Sheesha and Pearls. ..

PKR 4,000

Multi Kundan Headwear!

22K Gold Plated Kundan work Matha Patti Design Studded with Emerald,Ruby and Pearls Stones...

PKR 9,800

Multi Kundan Head Wear

22 K Gold Plated Kundan work Design for Moon Style head wear Studded with Ruby,Zircons,feroza,Emeral..

PKR 6,000

Multi Kundan Choker!

22K Gold plated Kundan double sided choker set studded with multi stones along with pearls drops and..

PKR 12,500

Multi Jhoomer!

22K Gold plated Kundan Jhoomer studded with drops pearls and multi stones. ..

PKR 9,000

Moonshine Jhoomer!

22K Gold plated Kundan Moon shape Jhoomer studded with Pearls drops.   ..

PKR 9,000

Meena Pearl Jhumer!

22K Gold Plated Kudun work meena jhumer studded with Sheesha. ..

PKR 4,000

Meena Kundan Bindia!

22 K Gold Plated Beautiful design Kundan Bindia Studded with Pearls,Emerald and Kundan Sheesha...

PKR 4,200

Mahgul Jhoomer!

22k Gold plated Jhoomer studded with Champagne Topaz, Rubies  and..

PKR 9,800

Maha Rani Jhoomer

22 K Gold Plated Design for Trendy Floral Pearls Kundan Jhoomer studded with Pearls and Kundan Shees..

PKR 8,500

Mah Rani Kundan Jhoomer

22K Gold Plated Trend Wear Design for Head Piece in Kundan Work Studded with Pearls Stones..

PKR 4,500

Kundan Sheesha Maatha Patti!

22k gold plated maatha patti with dangling pearls. ..

PKR 6,500

Kundan Ruby Maatha Patti!

22k gold plated maatha patti studded with red ruby. ..

PKR 8,000