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Cultured Ruby Jhoomer

22 K Gold Plated Cultured Design for Head Wear studded with Ruby and Champagne stones...

PKR 4,500

Colored Head wear!

22K Gold Plated color full Design for Jhoomer Piece Studded with Ruby, Champagne and Pearls Stones...

PKR 6,700

Classic Pearls Jhoomer!

22K Gold Plated Filigree work Design Head Wear studded with Zircons,Ruby.Champagne and Pearls stones..

PKR 7,000

Champagnes Pearls Angla!

22K Gold plated Anagla studded with Champagne,Ruby and Pearls. ..

PKR 9,500

Chain Round Nath!

22K Gold plated kundan nath studded with Ruby Stones. ..

PKR 2,000

Calligraphic Studs

22 k Gold Plated Moh E Nabowat Calligraphic Studs...

PKR 3,200

Bride Kundan Jhoomer!

22K Gold Plated Kundan Work Jhoomer Design  studded Kundan Sheesha and Peal Beads.  ..

PKR 6,500

Aqeeq Chains Button

22 K Gold Plated excellent Design for Chains Kurta Button studded with Aqeeq,Emerald,Sapphire,Pearls..

PKR 4,500

Amethyst Jhoomer!

22K Gold plated Jhumoor studded with Pearls lining and Purples and Zircons.   ..

PKR 9,800

Amethyst Filigree Jhoomer!

22K Gold Plated Amethyst Filigree work Jhoomer studded with Amethyst and Zircon Stones...

PKR 4,500

Agate Zircon Tika

22 K Gold Plated Excellence Design for Tika studded with Zircons and Agate stones...

PKR 4,000

Agate Zircon Jhummer

22 K Gold Plated Excellence Design for Jhummar studded with Agate, Zircons and Pearl stones...

PKR 5,500

Agate Ruby Angla!

22K Gold plated Agate Angla studded with Rubies and Pearls. ..

PKR 7,500

Zircon Pearl Tika

22 K Gold Plated Excellence Design for Tika studded with Zircons and Pearl stones...

PKR 1,500

Topaz Bindia!

22 K Gold Plated Topaz Design for Head Wear Studded with Champagne and Zircon Stones.. ..

PKR 1,500

Kundan Tikka!

22K Gold plated Kundan Chand shape Tikka studded with Perals drops. ..

PKR 3,800

Kundan Ruby Matha Patti!

22K Gold plated Rubies and KundanMatta Patti. ..

PKR 7,500

Gorgeous Topaz Jhoomer

22 k Gold Plated Gorgeous Design for Topaz Head Wear Jhoomer style Studded with Champagne stones...

PKR 4,000

Chic Bridal Jhoomer!

22k gold plated jhoomer studded with kundan and the beads of pearls and emeralds. ..

PKR 4,500

Chand Kundan Tikka

22K Gold Plated Kundan Delicacy Bindia Design studded with Pearls and Kundan Sheesha...

PKR 4,500