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Pearls Wire Earring!

22K Gold plated Earrings studded with Pearls along with Wire making. ..

PKR 4,000 PKR 2,800

Filigree work Ring!

22K Gold plated filigree work handmade design for Ring. ..

PKR 3,000 PKR 2,000

Zircons Cut Ear-Cuff!

22K Gold plated Zircons Cut Ear-Cuff studded with Emeralds. ..

PKR 3,800 PKR 1,700

Umi- For Life! Wrist Wrap!

22k gold and rhodium plated bangle with hand carved calligraphy.*ADJUSTABLE SIZE* ..

PKR 4,000 PKR 2,000

Topaz Sliver Bangle!

18K Sliver plated Bangle studded with Topaz. ..

PKR 4,800 PKR 2,000

Squared Agate Earrings!

18K Silver Plated Pair of Earrings in Squared Shape Along with Top Round Bold Wire studded with Agat..

PKR 4,800 PKR 2,000

Square Purple Bangle!

18K Sliver plated Bangle studded with Purples. ..

PKR 4,200 PKR 2,000

Silver Plated Danglers!

18K Sliver plated star shape Ruby and Purple Earrings studded with Zircons.   ..

PKR 3,500 PKR 1,800

Sapphires Bangles!

22K Gold plated Zircons Cut Bangle studded with Sapphires. ..

PKR 4,000 PKR 2,000

Sapphire Polki Set!

22K Gold Plated polki set studded with zircons! ..

PKR 13,000

Sapphire Love Ring!

22K Gold plated Handmade Sapphire Ring studded with Pearl. ..

PKR 4,000

Sapphire Bridal Choker!

22K Gold plated Sapphire Bridal choker studded with Filigree work and Zircons along with matching ea..

PKR 20,000 PKR 16,000

Ruby Wire Bangle!

22K Gold plated Wire Bangle studded with Rubies. ..

PKR 5,000 PKR 2,000

Ruby Multi Jhoomer!

22K Gold plated handmade multi stones jhoomer studded with Rubies, Emeralds and Zircons al..

PKR 5,800

Ruby Kundan Necklace!

22K gold plated kundan necklace set studded with Red ruby stones, along with matching earrings. ..

PKR 15,000 PKR 8,500

Ruby Filigree Danglers!

22K Gold plated Filigree work Danglers studded with Ruby Stone. ..

PKR 5,000 PKR 3,500

Red Meena Tops!

22K Gold plated Red Meena tops studded with Emerald. ..

PKR 2,400 PKR 1,200

Purples Love Earrings!

22K Gold plated Earrings studded with Purples and Agates. ..

PKR 5,200 PKR 3,500

Purples Filigree Work!

22K Gold pated Earrings studded with filigree work along with Sapphires and Purples. ..

PKR 3,800 PKR 2,400

Purple Wired Bangle!

22K Gold plated Golden Bangle studded with filigree work along with Purple and Zircon Stones.*SIZE 2..

PKR 6,800 PKR 3,000

Purple Love Angla!

22K Gold plated angla studded with Purples and Pearls. ..

PKR 8,500 PKR 4,500

Oval Ruby Bangle!

22K Gold plated Ruby Bangle studded with Pearls and Zircons. ..

PKR 9,500 PKR 4,000

Meena Kite Tops!

22K Gold plated Meena tops studded with Emerald and Ruby. ..

PKR 2,400 PKR 1,400