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Agate Bangle!

22K Gold plated bangle studded with agate stone. ..

PKR 3,000 PKR 2,200

Agate Sapphire Flower Bracelet!

22k gold plated bracelet studded with agate and sapphire stones.  ..

PKR 3,500 PKR 2,500

Agate Squares Bracelet!

22K Gold Plated Bracelet Design in Squares Shape studded with Agate and Pearls Stones...

PKR 4,800 PKR 3,500

Agate Swirl Bangle!

22k Gold Plated baye Studded with Oval Shape Agate Stones.Adjustable size. ..

PKR 3,000 PKR 2,200

Amethyst Danglers!

22K Gold plated Bubbles work Leaf Danglers studded with Purple and Zircons. ..

PKR 4,000 PKR 3,000

Amethyst Zircon Set!

22K Gold Plated Amethyst Necklace with matching earrings studded the Purple and Zircon stones. ..

PKR 16,000 PKR 7,000

Aqeeq Golden Bangle!

22k Gold Plated  Kundan Sheesha ten Pieces binding Rectangle shape studded with Aqeeq stone. ..

PKR 3,500 PKR 2,800

Aqeeq Polki Handcraft!

22K Gold Plated Piece for adjustable Bangle Studded with Coffee, Ruby and Polki Stones...

PKR 4,800 PKR 4,000

Aqeeq Zircon Tops!

22K Gold plated Aqeeq Tops studded with filigree work along with Zircons. ..

PKR 4,000 PKR 3,200

Attention Getting Pearls Choker!

22k gold plated choker studded with zircons, champagne stones and pearl bindings. ..

PKR 14,000 PKR 10,500

Bejeweled Agate Pendant!

22k gold plated pendant studded with agate, pearls and zircons. ..

PKR 8,000 PKR 7,000

Birds Golden ring!

22K Gold Plated Birds Design for Ring in Adjustable size studded with zircons...

PKR 3,000 PKR 2,000

Calligraphy Wire Special!

22K Gold plated two-tone Calligraphy Bangle. ..

PKR 3,800 PKR 1,800

Champagne Billing!

22K Gold Plated Filigree work Design for Bling Dangers studded with Zircons and Champagne stones...

PKR 4,500 PKR 4,000

Champagne Candy Earrings!

22K Gold Plated Moon Stars Earrings studded with Zircon and Champagne stones. ..

PKR 3,800 PKR 3,000

Champagne Cut Bangle!

22K gold Plated Champagne Cut Bangle studded with Zircon stones along with attach golden chain. ..

PKR 6,000 PKR 4,000

Champagne Topaz Bangle!

22K Gold plated Bangle studded with Topaz. ..

PKR 5,000 PKR 4,000

Construct Kudun Love!

22K Gold Plated Handmade Earrings studded with Zircons,Kudun And Ruby Stones. ..

PKR 4,500 PKR 3,800

Dangling Shell Earrings!

22k gold plated earrings studded with dangling silver shell and red bead.  ..

PKR 4,000 PKR 3,200

Delicacy Pendant Set!

22K Gold Plated zircons Light BluePendant Set Studded with Light Blue and zircon stones...

PKR 4,500 PKR 3,000

Egyptian Curve Bangle!

22k gold plated egyptian curve bangle studded with oxidized zircon. ..

PKR 4,000 PKR 2,500

Egyptian Handmade Tops!

22K Gold plated Handmade tops studded with Zircons. ..

PKR 4,500 PKR 3,000

Egyptian Hoops!

22K Gold plated round hoop earrings with spring metal work.   ..

PKR 3,000 PKR 1,800