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Ruby Bangle

Gold Plated Ruby Bangle Studded with Black StoneAvailable Size:Qty 1=2.4Qty 1=2.5..

PKR 12,000 PKR 7,800

2 toned Ball Bangle

22 k gold plated  bangle in silver and gold polish.Available Size:Qty:1=2.25..

PKR 6,000 PKR 4,500

3d Gold bangle

22 k gold plated bangle studded with zircons rubies emeralds and smoked stonesAvailable Size:Qty 2=2..

PKR 9,500 PKR 8,075

Agate Amethyst Bangle

22 k gold plated  silver polished bangle studded with agates and amethystAvailable Size:Qty:1=2..

PKR 6,000 PKR 5,100

Amethyst pearls mala

Handwoven mala with pearls and amethyst,  5 layered mala..

PKR 12,000 PKR 10,200

Antique 3D choker

22 k gold plated 3D choker,  antique polished, studded with ruby, smoked stones and greyish bea..

PKR 16,000 PKR 13,600

Antique Gold Bangle

22 k gold plated antique polish bangle, studded with rubies and pearls.Available SizeQty1=2.4..

PKR 7,500 PKR 6,375

Antique Ruby Bangle

22 k gold plated antique polished traditional bangle studded with rubies and champagne stones.Availa..

PKR 6,000 PKR 5,400

Calligraphy Pendant Mala

22 k gold plated calligraphy Pendant handwoven in ruby pearls string ...

PKR 12,000 PKR 10,200

Casted ruby mathapati

Casted ruby mathapati 22 k gold plated studded with ruby and white pearls..

PKR 9,800 PKR 8,330

Chain Danglers

22 k gold plated champagne chain Danglers,  easy to carry..

PKR 2,500 PKR 1,875

Chain hangings

22 k gold plated chain hangings..

PKR 2,500 PKR 1,875

Champagne brown Bangle

22 k gold plated openable  bangle studded with champagne stones and brown stonesAvailable Size:..

PKR 7,500 PKR 6,375

Champagne Pearly Kara

Champagne Pearly Kara : 22 K Gold Plated Studded with Champagne Stone and white pearlsAvailable..

PKR 5,500 PKR 4,675

Champagne Zirconia Studs

22 k gold plated earrings studded with zircons and champagne stones..

PKR 2,500 PKR 1,875

Classic bangle

22 k gold plated open able bangleAvailable SizeQty : 1= 2.25..

PKR 6,500 PKR 4,875

Classic ring

22 k gold plated adjustable ring studded with emeralds champagne stones and pinkish stone.Available ..

PKR 6,000 PKR 5,100

Classic Ruby bangle

22 k gold plated bangle studded with pearls rubies and smoky stonesQnty:1=2.25..

PKR 9,800 PKR 8,330

Classic Ruby Neck Mala!

A Beautiful Natural Stones Ruby Addition Necklace Mala in 22 inches Long Sting...

PKR 7,000 PKR 5,950

Cutwork bangle

22 k gold plated bangle studded with greyish stones and pearls on the sidesAvailable Size:Qty1=2.25..

PKR 7,500 PKR 6,375

Egypt Inspired Necklace Set

Egypt Inspired Necklace Set : 22 K Gold Plated Necklace Set Studded with Ruby Stone and White P..

PKR 28,000 PKR 23,800

Emerald agate Bangles

22 k gold plated bangles studded with emerald and agatesAvailable Size:Qty:1=2.25Qty:1=2.4..

PKR 5,500 PKR 4,125