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3 Layer Stunning Necklace Set

Gold Plated 3 Layer Stunning Necklace Set Studded with Kundan..

PKR 32,000 PKR 27,200

3D Blue Sapphire Necklace Set

Gold Plated 3D Blue Sapphire Necklace Set Studded with Pearls and Zircons..

PKR 22,000 PKR 18,700

5 Layer Filigree Pendant

Gold Plated 5 Layer Filigree Pendant Studded with Amethyst..

PKR 12,000 PKR 10,200

5 Layer Stunning Necklace set

Gold Plated 5 Layer Stunning Necklace set Studded with Zircons..

PKR 14,000 PKR 11,900

Amazing Designed Choker Set

Gold Plated Amazing Designed Choker Set Studded with Pearls..

PKR 16,000 PKR 13,600

Amethyst Zircon Set!

22K Gold Plated Amethyst Necklace with matching earrings studded the Purple and Zircon stones. ..

PKR 17,000 PKR 11,900

Antique zircon Pearl Ring

22 k Gold plated antique zircon pearl ringAvailable Size Adjustable..

PKR 3,500 PKR 2,450

Aqeeq Ruby Bismillah Pendent

22 K Gold Plated Excellence Design for Pendent studded with Aqeeq and Ruby stones...

PKR 9,800 PKR 7,840

Artistic Red Bangle

Artistic Red Bangle Studded with White StoneAvailable Size:Qty:1=2.4 ..

PKR 12,000 PKR 8,400

Beautiful Multicoloured Pearls Mala

22K Gold Plated Multicoloured  Pearls Mala Studded with Ruby and Zircon..

PKR 9,800 PKR 7,350

Beautiful Floral Design Bangle

22 K Gold plated beautiful floral design bangle studded with original white pearlsAvailable Size:Qty..

PKR 10,000 PKR 7,000

Beautiful Gold Plated Emerald Pendant Mala

22K Beautiful Gold Plated Emerald Pendant Mala..

PKR 12,000 PKR 8,400

Black Marquise Ring

Gold Plated Black Marquise Ring with Antique DesignAvailable PK Size:Qty:3=13..

PKR 3,000 PKR 2,100

Black Mushroom Necklace

Gold Plated Black Mushroom Necklace Set Studded with Pearls..

PKR 18,000 PKR 14,400

Blue Pearly Mala

Blue Pearly Mala: 22 K Gold Plated Studded With Blue Pearls ..

PKR 28,000 PKR 23,800

Casted Pearly Tops

Casted Pearly Tops : Studded with Green Pearls and White Zircons..

PKR 4,000 PKR 3,000

Coral Ring

Available PK Size:Qty:1=19..

PKR 3,200 PKR 2,240

Dangle Style Pendant

Gold Plated Dangle Style Pendant  Studded with Pearls..

PKR 9,800 PKR 7,350

Designer Bridal Necklace

22k gold plated necklace studded with ruby and zircon stones..

PKR 26,000 PKR 18,200

Designer Emerald Stone Mala

22k gold plated mala studded with sapphire,emerald and zircon stones..

PKR 9,800 PKR 7,840

Designer Ruby Mala

22k gold plated mala studded with ruby stones..

PKR 12,500 PKR 10,000

Dramatic Onyx Ring

22 k gold plated dramatic onyx ringAvailable PK Size:Qty:1=8..

PKR 3,000 PKR 2,100

Drop Diamond Earrings

Drop Diamond Earrings : Studded with Silver Zircons..

PKR 3,800 PKR 2,850

Egyptian amethyst earrings

22 k gold plated swirl earrings studded with pearls and amethyst stone..

PKR 5,500 PKR 3,850