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Round Baye!

22k gold plated round braid baye. Sizes Available: Medium 2.25 and Large 2.5Weight:..


Zirconian bracelet!

22K Gold Plated Silver Flower Bracelet studded with Zirconian.   ..


Grab It Now!

22k gold plated Braid BayeSizes avaailable are Medium 2.25 and Large 2.5 ..

Rs.3,300 Rs.1,650

Topaz Champagne Bangle!

22K Gold plated Twisted bangle studded with Topaz Champengne. ..


Agate Swirl Bangle!

22k Gold Plated baye Studded with Oval Shape Agate Stones.Adjustable size. ..


Sapphire Flower bangle!

22K Gold plated flower bangle studded with Sapphires. ..

Rs.4,000 Rs.3,800

Ruby Flower Bangles!

22K Gold plated filigree work golden balls pair of bangles studded with Ruby. ..


Multi Flower Bangle!

22K Gold Plated Flower Bangle Studded with Multi Stones. ..


Multani Thapa Bangle!

22K Gold plated thapa bangle studded with Rubies and Zircons. ..


Handmade Multi Bangle!

22K Gold plated Handmade Bangle studded with multi stones. ..


Flower Sapphire Bangles!

22K Gold plated Bangles studded with Sapphire stones along with golden balls. Sizes Ava..


Filigree Ruby Chain Bangle!

22K Gold Plated Filigree work Bangle Design studded with Ruby and Zircon Stones...


Filigree Golden bangle!

22K Gold plated filigree work Golden bangle. ..

Rs.7,000 Rs.4,500

Agate Chain Bangle!

22K Gold Plated Handmade Agate Bangle studded with Zircon stones along with an attatch Golden Chain...


Zircons Flower!

18K Silver Plated Flowers handmade piece of Bracelete studded with Emerald and Zircon stones. ..


Zirconian Pearl Bangle!

22k gold plated bangle studded with zircon and white pearls. ..


Zirconian Bangle!

22K Gold plated pair of combo Zircons bangle studded with Ruby stones and Meena.  ..


Wired Hand Piece!

22K Gold Plated wired work Hand piece studded withRuby,Zircons and Emerald stones. ..


Wire Flower Bangles!

22K Gold Plated wire work pair of bangles studded with Ruby and Pearls stones...


Umi- For Life! Wrist Wrap!

22k gold and rhodium plated bangle with hand carved calligraphy. ..

Rs.4,000 Rs.2,500