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Stunning Diamond Band

Stunning Diamond Band : Studded with White Zircons Available PK Size:Qty:7=12Qty:5=14..

PKR 4,000

Silver Cubic Ruby Ring

Silver Cubic Ruby Ring Studded with Zircons Available PK SizeQty:1=17Qty:2=16Qty:2=18Qty:1=20Qt..

PKR 8,500

Round Cut Silver Ring

22 K Gold Plated Round Cut Silver Ring Available PK Size:Qty:3=17Qty:2=18..

PKR 6,500

Emerald Gold Ring

Emerald Gold Ring :22 K Gold Plated Ring Studded with Emerald StoneAvailable PK Size:Qty:2=14Qty:1=1..

PKR 5,500

White Triangle Cut Silver Ring

22 K Gold Plated White Triangle Cut Silver RingAvailable PK Size:Qty:2=18Qty:1=16.5..

PKR 8,500

Tan Marquise Ring

Gold Plated Tan Marquise Ring Studded with ZirconsAvailable Size Adjustable..

PKR 4,000

Silver Cubic Champagne Ring

22 K Silver Cubic Champagne Ring Available PK Size:Qty:1=17Qty:1=16Qty:1=18     ..

PKR 8,500

Oval Pearl ring

Oval shape adjustable ringAvailable Size: Adjustable..

PKR 2,500 PKR 1,875

Orange Garnet Ring

Orange Garnet Ring : 22 K gold Plated Studded with Orange StoneAvailable Size: Adjustable..

PKR 4,000

Gorgeous Silver Champagne Ring

22 K gold Plated Gorgeous Silver Champagne RingAvailable PK Size:Qty:1=18Qty:1=17Qty:1=16.5..

PKR 8,500

Elegant Nicole Pink Ring

Champagne Ring : 22 k Gold Plated Studded with pink  stone and white ZirconsAvailable Size: Adj..

PKR 4,000

Black Marquise Ring

Gold Plated Black Marquise Ring with Antique DesignAvailable PK Size:Qty:3=13..

PKR 3,000 PKR 2,100

Agate Zirconia Ring

Agate Zirconia Ring 22 k gold plated ring studded with zirconsAvailable Size: Adjustable..

PKR 4,500

Zircons Star Ring

Zircons Star Ring  Available Size Adjustable ..

PKR 3,500 PKR 2,450

Unique Feroza Zirconia Ring

Feroza Zirconia Ring 22 k gold plated Ring Studded with Feroza Stone and zirconsAvailable Size: Adju..

PKR 4,000

Silver Cubic Agate Ring

22 K Gold Plated Silver Cubic Agate RingAvailable PK Size:Qty:1=18Qty:1=19..

PKR 8,500

Sapphire Gold Plated Ring

Sapphire Gold Plated Ring Studded with sapphire stone and zirconsAvailable Size: Adjustable..

PKR 3,800

Sapphire Flower Ring

Sapphire Flower Ring : Studded with white and sapphire zirconsAvailable Size: Adjustable..

PKR 5,500

Ruby Gold Plated Ring

Ruby Gold Plated Ring 22 k gold plated ring studded with ruby stone Available Size: Adjustable..

PKR 3,800

Ruby Crystal Fancy Ring

Gold Plated Ruby Crystal Fancy Ring Studded with PearlAvailable Size: Adjustable..

PKR 4,000

Nicole Purple Ring

22 K Gold Plated Nicole Purple RingAvailable Size: Adjustable ..

PKR 4,000

Nicole Emerald Ring

22 K Gold Plated  Nicole Emerald Ring Available Size: Adjustable..

PKR 4,000

Nicole Champagne Ring

22 K  Nicole Champagne RingAvailable Size: adjustable ..

PKR 4,000

Heart Shape Amethyst Ring

22 K gold Plated Heart Shape Amethyst RingAvailable Size: Adjustable..

PKR 4,500