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Multi Feroza Danglers!

22K Gold Plated Piece for adjustable Bangle Studded with Pink and Zircons Stones...

PKR 4,500

2 Line Multi Mala!

22K Gold plated 2 line multi mala studded with golden balls. ..

PKR 13,000

925 Silver Flower Tops!

18k silver plated tops studded with zircon. ..

PKR 2,800

Aari Work Handcraft!

22K Gold plated handmade Aari Work Bangle Studded with Ruby,Sapphire and Pearls Stones. ..

PKR 5,500

Aarian Champagne Bangle!

22K Gold Plated Aarian Champagne Bangle studded with Agate,Champagne and Zircon stones. ..

PKR 4,800

Aarian Floral Pendant

22 K Gold Plated Aari work Round Zircons Haar Mala Studded with Pearls and Zircon stones...

PKR 18,000

Accented Collar Choker

22 K Gold Plated accented choker design studded with Ruby,Pearls and Zircon stones...

PKR 7,000

Accented Wired Danglers

22 K Gold Plated Design for Elevate Ruby Danglers studded with Ruby and Kundan Sheesha...

PKR 4,000

Additional Specification

22 K Gold Plated Design for Additional Specification lines Earrings Studded with Emerald and Amethys..

PKR 4,000

Adjustable Champagne Bangle!

22K Gold Plated Adjustable Champagne Design for Bangle Studded with Zircon Stones.*SIZE 2.3 AVAILABL..

PKR 4,800

Adjustable Emerald Ring!

22K Gold Plated Adjustable Emerald Design for Ring studded with Agate,Zircon and Emerald Stones...

PKR 3,000

Adjustable Topaz!

22K Gold Plated Antique set for Bangles studded with Zircon and Polki Stones. ..

PKR 5,000 PKR 3,500

Adjustable Zircons Love!

22K Gold Plated Adjustable Zirconion Ring Studded with Zircons and Emerald Stones...

PKR 2,000

Adorable Ruby Neck Mala Set!

22K Gold Plated Adorable Ruby Neck Mala Set with earrings Studded with Ruby and Zircon Stones...

PKR 14,000

Adorable Sapphire Set!

22k gold plated set studded with sapphires and zircons with dangling pearls.   ..

PKR 12,000

Adorn Ruby Set!

22K Gold Plated Adequation Bridal Set with earrings and a Bindia studded with Ruby,Polki,Zircon and ..

PKR 18,500

Adorned Calligraphic

22 K Gold Plated Design for Adorned Calligraphic Chain Bangle studded with Feroza and Zircon stones...

PKR 4,500

Agate Anchor Earrings!

22K gold plated earrings studded with agate stone and zircons. ..

PKR 4,500

Agate Balls Tops!

22K gold plated earrings studded with agate stone and zircons. ..

PKR 2,500

Agate Bangle!

22K Gold plated Agate Bangle studded with Zircons binding. Sizes Available: 2.4 size Weig..

PKR 4,750

Agate Bangle!

22K Gold Plated Bangle Studded with Champion and Agete Stones. ..

PKR 2,500

Agate Bangle!

22K Gold plated bangle studded with agate stone. ..

PKR 3,000 PKR 2,200

Agate Beads Bracelet

22K Gold Plated a Design for Beautiful hand piece studded with Agate stones...

PKR 1,500