Zaheen Kamran - Designer Jewellery produce high quality products and carefully inspects them before dispatching them.



1. No exchange is accepted due to NOT LIKING the product

2. No exchange is accepted on products bought through any Discounted Promos or Offers or Sales

2. Products made as per customer specifications and measurements will not be exchanged

3. Only products with manufacturing defects will be acceptable for exchange

4. The product shall be returned within 1 day of receiving in case of exchange

5.  No item can be exchanged after using them

6. Items for exchange will have to be reported to us within 1 day of receiving them by the customer

Customer will contact our sales rep in studio or through our Fan Page INBOX messenger ( or WhatsApp +92-3202657753
Product will be shipped to us by the customer in its original packing and all the contents including warranty card within 1 day of receiving it
We will examine the product and respond to the customer accordingly


Amount will not be refunded in any case. We will only cater to exchange as per the above mentioned policy

Final decision will lie with the company regarding the exchange policy